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Stop wasting water!

Not Your Typical Point-of-Use Water Heaters
Our first composite water heaters received FAA approval on April 29th 2002 and were installed on Boeing Business Jets, Gulfstream Aircraft and other executive jets. Under the Purhot brand name, we now make several compact, light-weight and energy efficient composite water heaters for the commercial, residential and transport industries at a fraction of the cost of our aircraft water heaters. Wholesale minimum order quantity of 10 water heaters required.

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Making aviation better, safer and more efficient since 1995.



Hypnosis 2000,Teresa Van-Zeller, a nationally renowned Advanced Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

Since 1998, Teresa Van-Zeller, Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist, has been assisting her clients in achieving their goals, helping them to let go of previously unresolved limiting issues and showing them how to find new meaning and direction with their lives. She is a specialist in her field achieving successful results with pain management, sports enhancement, weight reduction/gain, smoking cessation, surgical preparation/ recovery, stress management, fertility and childbirth preparation among many other issues. Teresa’s belief is that hypnosis is not a “miracle cure” however when someone is ready for change, miraculous results can occur.

Hypnosis 2000 Radio Commercial

by Teresa Van-Zeller

Introducing The Amazing Proven VYB-X Wristband:

Are you feeling stressed out all the time?

Do you feel tired and sluggish like you can never get enough sleep?
Do you wish you can increase your energy levels?
Do you wish you could accomplish any of your goals without certainty because you were so laser-focused it felt like you reached your goals without any effort on your part?
Well, you no longer have to be tired, stressed or have a lack of mental focus because we have the ultimate solution for you.


And no it’s not going to take some drastic lifestyle change or some crazy diet to solve your problems.

What we have to offer you is a much simpler solution, even more, simpler than taking some magic pill that is going to have some side effects that you do not know about or want for that matter.
No one has time for that stuff anyway and I don’t want to take any more time out of your day than to read this letter your reading right now because I know you’re busy.
Imagine all you have to do is slip on this super comfortable wristband that you won’t even know you’re wearing and your body is stronger, your thoughts are clearer, your endurance levels are increased and your sleep is better.