The Commissioners Club

Be part of the most exclusive online gamers member only club within GTA online for PC.

Gain Special Backstage Access to:

  • Special nightly and weekly privete invite only sessions 

  • Special invitational only “Michiniama” video productions with the elite and talented crew members from wardrobe designs and video Rockstar Editor.

Radio streaming advertising weekly along with back link promotions of members Twitch Live Stream or social media live streaming podcast or webcast show. 

Monthly Subscription: $12.99

Commissioners Club

With your special acsess to all commisioner activitys you can join in with quality experianced players who can help you build your gaming experiance into a whole new level of community and team building.

RP gaming community playing  GTA Online for PC 

Join the Crew for daily events and crew productions.

RADO Crew Commissioners


RadioBuzzD Crew Gear