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The Crew founder and head honcho.

Power is absolute.

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Kiddion’s Modest External Menu

  • Start GTA5 and wait until the game has fully loaded
  • Start the mod
  • Read the disclaimer, and press OK
  • Default keys include:
    <F5> to show/hide the menu,
    <Numpad 0> to go back,
    <Numpad 8> and <Numpad 2> to navigate up/down through the menu options.
    <Numpad 4> and <Numpad 6> to decrease/increase the current value.
    <Numpad 5> to activate an option, toggle its value or applying any changed setting.

Streaming Live Radio From Los Santos GTA V online

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The Crew founder and head honcho.

Power is absolute.


The Crew’s most trusted members. They have the power to manage all aspects of the Crew on behalf of the Leader, including the ability to promote members internally and invite new members.


Made members with specific privileges to keep the Crew in check.


Members who have proven their commitment to the Crew and are awarded basic permissions to aid recruitment efforts.